(Revolutionary Agglomeration for Voluntary Extermination)

R.A.V.E. fue estrenada en octubre del 2022 en el Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). En noviembre del 2023 hace gira en Argentina.
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What if the theatre was a space between heaven and earth, between the past and the future? What would happen if this place was at the same time populated by memories of the times before humans became detached from nature and the current prophecies about the end of the world?

In R.A.V.E. Cecilia Colacrai is on stage alone, using movement as a means to understand our instinct for preservation. Strongly related to sound vibrations, she evokes primitivity in order to unfold a great variety of physical states. Demonstrating an extraordinary plasticity and resistance, Cecilia transforms again and again, taking her body to the limit.

In this undefined space she does not speak of herself, rather, by using her body, she talks about the finitude and evolution of our species. The dance here is presented as a trigger for fiction, offering a language that allows us to imagine forms of life beyond the walls of the theatre.

João Lima

photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín
photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín

“... The absence of the future has already begun. This future that ended came, yet again,
suggesting that it may never have ceased to begin…”
(The Ends of the Worldby Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro)

Taking the idea of limit and end as a starting point, the project proposes an investigation of a performance language that invites us to reflect on the instinct and insistence of human beings to preserve their own species.  

In a time of such acceleration like ours, reflecting on our perception of time became a necessity. The evolution, the idea of a cycle, of coming back to the already known, the relentlessness of time, the idea of persistence vs. change, the undefined, the foreseeable, the duration and the constant transformation are some of the triggers that intervened in the construction of this solo. Inevitably, as the hypotheses about the future are made, so are the ones about beginnings…

Artistic team
Idea, creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai
Artistic accompaniment: João Lima
Music: Miquel Casaponsa, Miquel Vich Vila
Soundscape: Miquel Casaponsa
Sound assistant: Pablo (Mo) Ramírez
Sound technician: Rodrigo Rammsy
Light design: Ivan Cascon
Set and costume design: Sergi Cerdan Aguado
Photography and video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Production: Rita Stivala, Cecilia Colacrai
Collaboration: María Muñoz and María Magdalena Garzón
Coproduction: Mercat de les Flors
With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura, L’animal a l’Esquena, Paso a 2-Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, La Visiva, Azala Espacio, Musiberia, C.C. Barceloneta, La Caldera, L’ Estruch de Sabadell, L’Ateneu de Celrà, nunArt Guinardó.
Special thanks to: Carina Aguis, Marina Capel, Pablo Colacrai, Colectivo Big Bouncers, Laura Kumin, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello, Pep Ramis, Urša Sekirnik, Gabriela Solini, Rodrigo Stocco, Eduard Teixidor.