Laboratorio de Creación Espacios Latentes /CC Parque España, Rosario Argentina / Festival El Cruce ’23
fotografía: Guille Turín

Since a young age, Cecilia Colacrai has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation, movement research and composition classes and workshops, first in Rosario, Argentina, and since 2002 in Barcelona and other European and Latin American cities.

Her interest lies in the research of possibilities of the body and its imagination, as well as in the dialogue that can be established between dance and the context in which it is produced. Her aim is to always update the impulse or the motor that makes one move, with the intention for the dance to become permeable, letting oneself be affected and transformed by the spaces, cultures, sounds, encounters, contacts, other bodies, etc. 

Her workshops seek to facilitate the way towards an available and flexible body and mind, strengthening both physical and perceptive abilities of each participant in order to discover different materials, physical states or movement qualities.

Her educational proposals can be organised in three lines of work:

· Technical Classes

Different tools offered by several movement techniques (release, flying low, contact improvisation, manipulations etc.) are used in order to achieve a flexible, adaptable and active body and mind. 

These classes put emphasis on the work from the centre of the body in relation to the extremities and vice-versa; weight, support, motors and directions of movement, off-balance, falls, trajectories, moving through space and spirals are the starting points for exploration. Mechanics found in movement phrases with clear pathways are put in practice, allowing us to travel through space, always keeping in mind that as we move through space, the space moves through us.

· Movement research and improvisation laboratories

The intention of this workshop is to always discover oneself in relation: with time, with space and with other bodies.

We observe how these different combinations offer different ways of recognising and amplifying our dance.

photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín

We look for a better understanding of both physical and perceptive work, facilitating personal exploration in order to later on enter in dialogue with others or other elements such as sound, space, objects, spoken word, etc.

We work in couples, trios and/or groups to explore concepts such as weight, space and shared trajectories, individual and group musicality, observation, feedback etc. The value is put on listening, meeting, trust and negotiation in order to arrive at improvised agreements.

· Instant composition and tools for creation laboratory

Goals of this laboratory are the following: - to generate a space/time for experimenting and discovering different ways of approaching instant composition, both in groups and individually - to develop specific composition strategies in collaboration with each group participating at the workshop - to discover formats, specific to the space where the proposal is being developed - to share investigation processes and live composition with the audience. 

photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín

On the basis of different movement proposals that help us achieve a perceptive, alert and open body, available to play, individual and group improvisation tools are combined with other possible elements that potentially intervene in a performance: sound, space, light, objects, voice etc., thus generating a space full of possibilities.

The aim of this laboratory is to generate shared strategies, specific to each group that I work with, to then share the work with an audience in a format most appropriate to each specific venue.