Last, the dance
Cecilia Colacrai / Jorge Albuerne

"...people live for years and years, but in reality it is only in a small part of those years that they really live, and that is in the years when they manage to do what they were born to do."
(Questa storia» Alessandro Baricco)

photography: Hernán Galbiati

Two people who meet by chance in a random place; going through different situations they discover that perhaps they are not so far away and not so different. Scenes that are constantly ordered and disordered. Each time the piece re-creates will never be the same...there will always be a game to play...

Last, the dance proposes a new space for the encounter of dance and circus, creating its own language to bring these disciplines closer to the spectator, offering a fresh and fun show with the aim of reflecting on what we call "moments of happiness".

Defying gravity and limits, the audience will share with the performers this journey full of characters, dance and music.

Last, the dance has toured between 2010 and 2016 to different festivals in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Argentina.

Artistic team
Creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai and Jorge Albuerne
Music: Miguel Marín and others composers
Sound technician: Pablo (Mo) Ramírez
Photography: Sara Peñalba, Hernán Galbiati
Video: Esteban Crucci
Assistance in motion: Andrea Acosta
Costume consultant: Emilia Pilello
With the support of: Conca and Associació Bipolart
With the collaboration of: Centro Cultural La Bóbila, Centre Civic Barceloneta, La Nave Espacial, Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel and La CCB
Special thanks to: Ramón, Elena, Sara, La Nave, El Barba, Silvita, APdC, Pilar, Romi, Mari, Emi, La CCB