(work in progress)

Reverb is a dance and music proposal in direct dialogue with the space it is performed in, a site specificwork, a piece focusing on HERE and NOW that wants to defend the importance of public spaces, full of meetings and unexpected events.
A sound hits a surface and returns, at various times, a complex echo and offers information about the physical space. The reverberation, the accent, the fall, the vibration, the power of the blow or the silence are triggers for movement, catalysts for both actions and sensations. The body relates to the space designed by the sound and thus, makes the audible visible through the musicality of the gesture.

The pedestrian renounces the safety of his home and immerses himself into the universe
that expects him only to cross it, and in doing so, generate it”
(«Sociedades Movedizas», Manuel Delgado)

Artistic team
Direction: Cecilia Colacrai
Creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai and Miquel Vich Vila
Production: Rita Stivala
Sound assistant: Pablo (Mo) Ramírez
Photography and video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
With the support of: La Visiva, C.C. Barceloneta and Festival Escena Poble Nou
Special thanks to: María Magdalena Garzón and María Belén Eleonori