The incorruptible beauty of distance
A contaminated dance performance...

"There is no silent history. No matter how much they burn it, no matter how much they break it,
no matter how much it is lied about, human memory refuses to keep its mouth shut.
The time that was is still beating, alive within the time that is." This was said by Galeano.
("From A to X", John Berger)

photography: Hernán Galbiati

The incorruptible beauty of distance is a contaminated dance performance, where movement, words, image and sound complement each other to create different atmospheres in which a woman, her memory and her ghosts face different situations.
It is a reflection on the relativity of time and memory depending on who, where and when. It is the possibility of imagining other realities from an oppressed and enclosed body. It is a love story traversed by abuses of power.
A forgotten body is not an absent body, a censored memory never abandons the body, but hardens it.
This is, in short, a story of survival.

"We can do with the past whatever we want. What we cannot do is change its consequences"

Artistic team
Choreography and performance: Cecilia Colacrai
Video: Esteban Crucci
Photography: Hernán Galbiati
Advice on dramaturgy: cia. Los Corderos sc
Set design: Jaume Amigó
Original music: Marcelo Lastra
Collaboration: Toni Mira
Costume consultant: Emilia Pilello
Light design: Israel Quintero
Technician: Pablo Ramírez
Graphic design: Esteban Crucci and Hernán Galbiati
With the support of: Conca y cia. Nats Nus
With the collaboration of: La Caldera, Antic Teatre, La CCB and L’animal a l’esquena