Azul como uma laranja
Cecilia Colacrai / João Costa Lima

photography: Débora Tenenbaum

Cecilia Colacrai and João Lima begin their meetings in La Caldera (November 2008), observing their common interests and the realities and concerns of each one. They look for a way of approaching and developing a working methodology.

From the reading of the space, the decisions (their triggers and consequences), the actions carried out and the description of a point/object, the possibilities of fictionalisation open up. They then turn their attention to the creation of a language of their own.

The title of the piece refers to a verse by the French poet Paul Èluard, 'La terre est bleue comme une orange' and reveals an interesting paradox about language.

Through a technical residency at La Caldera (February 2009) the process comes to completion, with the participation of musician Miguel Marín and lighting designer Xavi Muñoz.

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photography: Débora Tenenbaum

Artistic team
Creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai and João Costa Lima
Music: Miguel Marín
Light design: Xavier Muñoz
Light and sound technician: Pablo (Mo) Ramírez
Photography and design: Débora Tenenbaum
Video: Anna Brufau
Special thanks to: La Caldera, Cia. Lapsus, Alexis, Mo, Mari, Cristina, Núria Bernaus, Gustavo Llesgart, Sara
With the support of: La Caldera and Conca